My biggest takeaway was getting pregnant!

Also, I also learned a lot about food and nutrition and making sure I keep my blood sugar even or being aware of what was causing spikes or problems with it. My anxiety was high after my egg retrieval and a failed first transfer. I wanted to my prepare my body before I did my second transfer. I would describe Ami as helpful. I could feel there was a good rapport and connection, like she actually cared.  It also helps that she has experienced infertility, so she could share her experiences and make it feel like you're not alone. If you are considering hiring a coach, I'd say to do it. It helped me with following through with my goals and talking through things before my next transfer. It helped me with both mental clarity and physical health.


"Thanks for all the love and support!!

Thanks again for everything Ami....your support, encouragement, sense of humor.....all of it. I am attributing my weight loss success to you. I know you're going to say it's you, you're doing the work. But seriously, with you in this with me.....had been a gift, a true gift!"


"Wellness....listen, my friend, you are the creator of mind, body, and soul wellness for anyone who is lucky enough to meet you. 

Please share that one of your most crazy, stubborn clients loves big salads now, panics when she doesn't have her supplements, and even does deep breathing..,,,all bc of you!"



"It should be mandatory for every new patient should consult with you!"


“Wow. You are a wealth of information!”


“Ami has been very helpful with my frustrations and helped me through them”


“You were a huge asset as my Fertility Coach. Thanks so much for the support you provided during my IVF cycle and for the tweaks to my supplementation regimen.”