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Make time for you while TTC

Are You Putting Yourself on Your To-Do List?

You can see the recording on my Facebook Page as well: Are you putting yourself on your to-do list?

Hello everyone. Good Friday afternoon.


My name is Ami Chokshi. I’m a Fertility & IVF Health Coach,  and I help women who are going through fertility challenges to optimize their health as well as navigate through the often muddy waters of trying to get pregnant through fertility treatments.


Your fertility is an extension of your overall health, and my goal is to help empower you and inspire you to take charge of your health and to support your fertility treatments. And I’m here today because I want to talk to you about making space for your fertility, for your child, for your pregnancy, for your treatments.


What does that mean?


Many of my clients lives look something like this:


You get up,

You check your email,

You scroll through your socials in bed, and


You have a cup of coffee or maybe two.

You are usually in a hurry.

The day goes by quickly and you go to meeting after meeting.

Sometimes you need to work a little longer because your days have been spent on of meetings and not much on the work you need to do. So that means you work too many hours.

In the afternoon, you might need a cup of coffee or maybe you are drinking it all day long.


You get what I am saying? 


It’s, it’s go, go, go from the get go.


Wine after work becomes your friend.


You are either trying to stay awake or help your body get to sleep.


When you go to bed, your phone comes with you…it actually doesn’t leave your side all day.  


You scroll while you’re in bed, and it becomes hard to fall asleep.


You wake up, and you rinse and repeat this cycle.


Over time, this cycle becomes a habit and your body doesn’t know how to slow down.


When you’re trying to conceive, you’ve got to learn how to do this because it is affecting your stress hormones as well as reproductive hormones. Also, when you become a mother, your time and priorities change.


You have to make this space now for what you want to have in the future, and you have to embody what you want to become now.


It’s important to start prioritizing yourself, and taking inventory of your life to determine what you need to let go of and what that would look like.


Because what you are doing now and up to now is not going to get you to where you want.


So, what would you need to let go of?


It could be certain people in your life or your job. It could be activities like Crossfit, which may be adding too much stress on your body when you are trying to conceive. It’s just too much exertion.


This is a time where it’s really important to put yourself on your to do list and make yourself a priority.


A client recently said recently that IVF was like a part time job (with the best bonus).


I’m here to tell you that you cannot do it all.


It’s time to seriously take an inventory of your time and of your energy zaps and to determine what you can let go of.


You may not know what those zaps are at first. You might need to take an inventory of then, looking at your day, so that you can then decide what you could walk away from.


There’s an app called TimeLogger  and it helps you determine how you spend your day, hour-by-hour, if don’t want to write it down.



It’s like this…when your closet is already full of clothes, there’s really no space to buy and add new clothes. You have to take some out in order to put some in.



Trying to conceive (and pregnancy) consumes your energy. It can be physically, financially, emotionally and mentally draining, especially if you are doing IVF.



My goal is to help you make space for this in order to reduce that stress on your body and also recognize that that space will eventually be something that you’re going to need when you are both pregnant and when you have your baby.