Hey there!
I’m Ami,  I am an Integrative Fertility Coach  & Functional Nutrition Practitioner!
For the past decade, I’ve been helping women to optimize their health and fertility and prepare their bodies and minds for a the day they receive their positive pregnancy test!. This includes a holistic view of what they eat, drink, feel, think, breathe, and do. We work together to create a transformation that can be used for a LIFETIME.
Currently, I work and live in Connecticut, and I guide women who are trying to get pregnant. I work with patients at the same clinic I went to, who want to know “what else can I do?” to optimize their health and treatment plan.  I do this by taking a look at what they are already doing and adding small steps that create BIG results.
During my personal fertility journey and pregnancy, I learned all about getting my body to an optimal state to get my BFP and have a healthy pregnancy.
I am a Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Functional Nutrition with Next Level Functional and Integrative Nutrition and Mental Fitness Coaching with Positive Intelligence. 


My experience as a fertility patient, patient advocate, & infertility support group leader, my intimate knowledge of working within a fertility practice, and my training as a functional and integrative health allows me to not only coach women through their journey to optimal fertility but also support them through this stressful time.

I know how sad, scary, and frustrating this journey can be, but I also know how rewarding it is. I’m here to let you know that you are NOT alone.
My Journey to Motherhood

I always knew I wanted a to be a mom and have a family to love and care for.  My sister had 3 kids when I was in my twenties, and I immediately fell in love with them. It was just a matter of time.

And then I waited because I was focused on my career.

When I was 29, my father, who typically leaves these “female” topics to my mother to handle (we are Indian and don’t talk about these things normally), shared that I was in my prime to have children. He said I needed to have kids sooner than later (which was so awkward to hear from your conservative dad)! But it stuck in my head.

And then I waited because I wasn’t married.

My boyfriend and I finally tied the knot, and a couple of years later, and we started trying to conceive (aka TTC). We expected this to be a breeze, but it was far from that. We tried on our own for a year. It was month after month of disappointment, sadness, stress, and fear of not having what I most wanted.
I enlisted the help of a reproductive endocrinologist and found out the heartbreaking news that I had a very little chance of getting pregnant on my own. But we persisted. I had diagnostic surgery the next year and then spent a few months of trying in hopes that the surgery would change our fate. It didn’t, and the next step would be to get fertility treatment.

And then we waited because my insurance would not cover IVF.

Our next step was to change our insurance plan to one that would offer infertility coverage. Luckily my state has a mandate for fertility coverage, but the insurance I was carrying did not cover fertility treatments. I got creative, and I was able to purchase what I needed to get the coverage I wanted, and I began my first cycle.

We started with IUI#1 – BFN (Big Fat Negative).

Then we tried for IUI#2 – BFN again.

We were going to have to get more aggressive. I was approaching 38, and my doctor implored us to not wait any longer. It was time to try IVF, which I never thought I would need.

People don’t realize what women go through with IVF. The box of medications and injections alone was overwhelming, not to mention the emotional and financial anxiety that’s part of the process.

And, there were no guarantees for success.

But, having a child was an innate desire that I was not willing to easily relinquish.  We were willing to try IVF, so we moved forward.

My first IVF was cancelled mid cycle, which was super tough to understand and deal with. But, we kept going.

Our stellar doctors changed the protocol to better accommodate my body’s response (or lack thereof), and IVF#2 was a success (woo hoo – BFP!!)!

After almost 36 months of BFNs, I finally saw a positive pregnancy result. And, HOLY COW were we ELATED! 

And then we waited…

For 9 more months…

For our sweet baby boy

My success can be yours too…

I attribute my success not only to my stellar medical team, but also to my persistence in creating the right condition, body and mind. My chances to conceive were slim, so I needed to be proactive in my overall health too.

So, here I am now. I have dedicated myself to paying wisdom forward and to empowering women to take charge of their health and fertility.

Let me help you move into this, so you can move through this. 










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