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Dairy is not good for your fertility

3 Things You Should Know About Dairy

Dairy may not be doing your fertility any good

This is a Transcript from my Facebook Live about consuming dairy when trying to conceive. 

You can see the video on my Facebook Page as well here: What I Think About Dairy when TTC

Hi Guys, how are you?

My name is Ami Chokshi, and I wanted to come on here for a few minutes and just talk to you a little bit about the role of dairy.


Now my name again is Ami Chokshi. I’m a Fertility & IVF Health Coach, and I help women who are going through fertility challenges to optimize their health as well as navigate through the often muddy waters of fertility treatment.


Fertility is an extension of your health and my goal is to empower you and inspire you to take charge of your health, to support your fertility as well as your fertility treatments.


And today I wanted to talk about a fertility diet and the role of dairy. I recently wrote a newsletter about it and I’ll post that on my website as well when I’m done.


I wanted to share a little bit about dairy and how it relates to the Nurses’ Health Study, which I referenced in my this newsletter. This study evaluated 18,000 women, and researchers at Harvard looked at their nutrition and lifestyle habits of these women over eight years and noticed some changes in their fertility based on what they ate.


One of the things that was correlated to a healthy fertility diet was a small amount of full fat dairy.


And I wanted to give you my thoughts on that and why I don’t promote dairy with my clients who are trying to conceive.


First, we don’t always know what the cows that the dairy is coming from have been eating. Oftentimes, it’s feed, and mostly it’s corn-based.


Much of our corn in the US is GMO or genetically modified. I recommend staying away from GMOs when you’re not pregnant, so I especially recommend no GMOs when you’re tryingto get pregnant.


Second, a lactating cow is a cow that’s producing excess hormones, especially, estrogen, which when ingested, can shift your hormone balance.


If you’re trying to manage your hormones, especially through fertility treatment, that can be detrimental.


Third, since many cows are often treated with antibiotics, antibiotics in your system are not fertility promoting.


So for those three reasons – GMOs, excess hormones (including estrogen) and because of the unnecessary antibiotics, I would recommend not incorporating full fat dairy into your fertility diet.


What I would like to suggest is having full-fat non-dairy products.


And that could look like coconut, coconut products, avocados and avocado oil too. You can eat olives, olive oil, hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds as well as wild caught salmon, (but not farm-raised salmon). Those also have a lot of antibiotics and contaminants. Wild caught salmon is not only a healthy fat but a good source of protein as well.


So again, my take on dairy is to go dairy-free, but if you need some time to wean yourself from this, I would definitely suggest eating organic dairy, but eventually stopping eating dairy products.


And, I don’t always suggest to completely stop eating a food entirely, but dairy is one of those that I feel pretty strongly about.


So that’s my two cents. And again, you can see the full newsletter and the full story on my website.



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