Hi, I'm Ami

 I help women & couples optimize their health & fertility and navigate IVF cycles, so they can get pregnant sooner, stay pregnant, and have a healthy baby.


Hi, I’m Ami.

I help women and couples optimize their health & fertility and navigate their IVF journey, so they can get pregnant and stay pregnant.

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What should I be eating?

This meal guide provides a formula for healthy eating for your fertility.

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What are some ways to destress?

Check out these tips and tools to help you navigate through this sometimes stressful time.

What else should I be doing?

Download this free checklist of what you can be doing on a daily basis to support your fertility health.

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I’d say you’re more than a coach and someone to help navigate through the roller coaster of emotions and decisions about fertility and trying to conceive. But you take an active part in providing additional information, resources and things to think about and discuss with your doctor and team to increase your success rate and comfort during the process. Preparing you to be the healthiest you can be and have the highest rate of success if your goal. And little tweaks and changes can make a difference that are rarely discussed.


I would highly suggest reaching out to Ami Chokshi. At times it just gets so overwhelming trying to do all the right things, and she can help you be most prepared with this journey!


I would recommend Ami to anyone in need of support as they embark on a journey to wellness of mind, body, and soul. My time working with Ami has been so valuable.  She was with me every step of the way….guiding, supporting, and cheering me on.


Ami helped me immensely! Foremost, she provided us with hope, which we desperately needed. Secondly, her knowledge of a holistic approach to fertility treatment is unparalleled. She suggested supplements for me and my husband that will hopefully improve our egg quality with round 2.